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I already did a search and haven't found the paper I need to help me....
What should I do?

Even if you can't find a useful paper in our database, we can still help!  Just choose the customize option above and fill out our custom order form!  By ordering customized research YOU get to specify exactly what you need assistance with!  You tell us what your research parameters are and what your deadline is and we will provide you with the research that you need! 

How do I get a paper?

It's very simple!  You can locate a paper on our site by doing a search in the box above.  Simply type in a few relevant keywords and all papers based on that information will appear within a few seconds!  Once you find a paper description that you like, simply place your order!  If your topic is broad and you aren't sure what you are looking for, simply click the subject button above and a comprehensive list of topics will appear for you to choose from.  What are you waiting for...start searching NOW!!

Can I look at a paper before I purchase it?
Yes!  Email us with a request for a free, one page excerpt of any onfile paper you locate on this site.  Within a few hours, we will provide you with sample of that paper via email.

I see two different prices on your website...what are the differences between the two?
Any of the 50,000 papers already existing on this site are sold for $9.95/pg.  All customized research provided with our standard turnaround time are only $19.95/pg.  Free bibliographies are included with each type of paper.

How did you get all these papers
We wrote them!  Our staff of expert researchers have been helping students with their research since 1994.  All existing papers were originally written as a customized product and then provided on our website for others to use.  Therefore, as you can see by looking around this site, there is no topic to difficult for our staff of writers. Find, order and receive a paper TODAY!!

How do you send the papers?
All orders can be sent to the customer via email, fax, Federal Express or any combination of the three!  All delivery information is provided on our easy to use order forms.

What languages do you provide your research in?
We can provide a "rough" translation of any paper in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian.  Just remember, that the translations are "rough," so we will always provide a copy of the research in the original English version.

What exactly is a "page?"
All pages contain an average of 225 words per double spaced page using 1 inch margins.  All papers are created using the standard Courier 12 font.  That way, there is no unusual page markup or inflation to unfairly increase profits. Bibliography pages are always included for free! 



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